Privacy Policy

Wilkes Privacy Policy:

We are very pleased that you have taken the time to visit our Web site.  We believe that a key component in doing business in today’s world is trust.  The process of winning your confidence begins from the very first time you enter this Web site, continues as you decide to complete and transmit requested information and never stops being a privacy issue as your information resides in our files. We are a small town, family-owned and operated company with Middle America values and we are proud of it.  Thanks for visiting with us.


The information shared between Wilkes Pool Corporation (Wilkes) and you is private.  Wilkes will treat your information with complete confidentiality.  We will not sell your personal, demographic or business – related disclosures submitted herein to other organizations, because we believe that this act would not only be a betrayal of your trust but also unethical.

On the other hand, you acknowledge that Wilkes owns all of the rights with respect to any and all Proprietary Information disclosed to you. No right, express or implied, is conveyed to you by the disclosure made by Wilkes to you.  You agree not to make any copies in any format (on-paper, digital, etc.) of any of the Proprietary Information without Wilkes' prior, express, written permission.