Quality Statement

In recent years, Wilkes Pool Corp. has implemented the management principles of “continuous improvement” in the workplace fostered by Kaizen analysis and “lean manufacturing” techniques. We will remain vigilant in our dedication toward discovering and eliminating waste and inefficiency in all aspects of our manufacturing and product fulfillment process. This attention to detail affords us the ability to supply a product to our dealers that, as designed and manufactured by Wilkes Pools in the United States , strives to meet the evolving code requirements of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)

Our suppliers continuously certify that their raw materials and finished components meet or exceed Wilkes’ engineering specifications. Wilkes Pools through the efforts of its Quality Control Team continuously monitors inbound materials for defects and discrepancies. Finished pools and components are inspected at various points in the manufacturing process in order to make sure that they are correct before they can be released for shipment to our customers.  Our employees make every effort and take great pains to build quality into everything that we manufacture. It is no accident that the Wilkes product lineup is recognized and respected nationally as being among the best designed and structurally sound residential swimming pools available in today’s marketplace.  Quality does not happen by accident.  It requires a daily commitment from top management down to the production workers on our shop floor to make this a reality.  We are proud to say that this is the vision and corporate culture that exists at Wilkes Pool Corp.