Customer Benefits

When consumers are asked, “Why they decided to buy a new Wilkes Pool?” their reasons are consistent:


Word of Mouth Referrals

Safe Family Fun

Best Value for the Money

Avoid the Crowds

Exercise Source

Gas Savings

Entertain Friends & Family

Better Control

Quality Family Time

No Traffic Jams

Avoid Polluted Swim Areas


Relaxation & Reduced Stress

Above all else, our pools are designed to meet and/or exceed the NSPI ‘s (National Spa and Pool Institute) strength requirements. Your family and friends will enjoy many years of fun and peace of mind knowing that your Wilkes pool is one of the best designed and finest built swimming pools produced and sold in the United States. Our pools are easy to maintain and are practically maintenance-free. 

Wilkes Pool Corp. has made significant investments in the past few years at its production facility in order to create a “lean manufacturing” environment, as a means of increasing our level of efficiency and ensuring the quality of each structural component used in our pools.  We are constantly finding ways to hold the line on rising costs in order to provide our dealers and their customers with a “best value” product, which is determined not only by price but also by other key aspects such as ease of assembly, strength, durability and safety in order to make a correct purchasing decision. 

Wilkes has been both a pioneer and a leader since 1967 in the manufactured swimming pool industry, so you can count on us to be here today, tomorrow and into the future.  Our Customer Service Department stands ready to assist our network of dealers in meeting your needs. We want your business and know that we need to build quality and integrity into all of our products. This is our goal and pledge to our customers.