On-ground Pools - The Avalon
On-ground PoolsThe Genesis

The newest member in our line up of on-ground pools is the Avalon.  This 24’ round pool is offered in three configurations to meet your backyard’s physical constraints, safety considerations and budgetary deliberations. Borrowing its major design components directly from the Genesis, the Avalon is a structural tour de force and dollar-for-dollar provides consumers with more swim area than a comparable rectangular pool. At the top of the Avalon line is Model DFP, which comes complete with a patio deck, non-skid 24” promenade perimeter decks, aluminum fencing, 7” sitting ledge and swing up stairs. 

When this pool was in its design and testing stages, it exceeded all of the NSPI strength requirements. This pool is built like a rock. When the kids are in this pool and decide to push off the sides, there will be no noticeable flex to our walls unlike rolled wall pools. Strength and durability are not just words at Wilkes.  They actually are design objectives.  You and your family will gain a peace of mind in knowing that you made the correct decision in deciding to purchase an Avalon.