In-ground Pools
Mt Lake In-ground Swimming Pool

Unlock the potential of an enhanced lifestyle.  Retreat to your very own resort by creating an oasis in your own backyard.

In the dog days of summer, it can get hot, really hot. Waves of heat can be seen reflecting off the pavement, while you are stuck in traffic in your daily grind to get home.  If this does not sound like your idea of fun, then forget about cars, trains, airports, check-in lines, metal detectors, flight delays, hotels and travel expenses.  Create a safe haven for the entire family and friends to enjoy for many years to come.  Imagine how wonderfully refreshing a cool dip in your new Wilkes in-ground pool would be just about now.  Get back to the basics of family fun and togetherness.  You hold the key to a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize your new pool.  It’s all up to you.  You can make it happen and they will love you for making the decision.

Why a Wilkes In-ground Pool?

When it comes time to actually design your in-ground pool, the only factors that will limit its final shape are the size of your lot, the physical topography of your home site, the architectural style of your house, your lifestyle, the project’s budget and, most importantly, your imagination. For those customers, who are less adventurous and who are looking to hold done costs, Wilkes offers over 25 stock designs from which to select. 

Our wall design yields beauty, simplicity and durability for our dealers and their customers. Our interlocking, galvanized steel wall panels are 2 feet wide and fit easily into our base channel. Our dealers have told us that our wall panels are the easiest in the industry to install. Time is money to our dealers and being on schedule is music to an anxious pool owner’s ears.

The backbone of our in-ground pool is not only the interlocking wall panels but also the adjustable galvanized steel wall bracing, which are set every 2 feet in order to create a pool that can truly be described as “battleship” construction.  Other key components to our wall system are our unique adjustable buttress and coping. This feature allows for perfect alignment and plumb construction.  These buttresses are spaced at a maximum of eight feet apart providing plenty of strength to our wall system. Our deck supports are also made from galvanized steel and are used when installing concrete decks.  They help to tie the pool walls and decks together forming a totally integrated system of strength and beauty.   In an attempt to meet both dealer preferences and customer requests, Wilkes now offers both plastic and aluminum coping as well.

In order to remain competitive, Wilkes Pools is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and increase our efficiency.  One of the important outcomes of utilizing 2 feet wide wall panels is that our palletized pool packages are very compact resulting in reduced freight costs. It’s a win-win situation for Wilkes, its dealers and their customers.