On-ground Pools
The GenesisThe Avalon

Our on-ground pools have it all – strength, beauty, durability and ease of care.  Since 1996, our rectangular pool, the Genesis, has been offered in six sizes complete with aluminum decks and fencing.  They are practically maintenance-free and  a popular alternative to an in-ground pool, when site restrictions, local ordinances or family budgets prevail in the decision making process.

We were proud to announce the rollout in 2003 of our new 24’ on-ground round pool, the Avalon.  Built with the same materials, attention to detail and structural strength as our Genesis pool, it comes in three popular variations.  The Avalon is destined to become a “best-buy” in its class for consumers looking for more swim area for their hard earned money.

You’ve researched the competition. Now take a moment to check out these on-ground products to see why we are so fired up and full of pride over the pools that we produce. .