Our Products

So youíre in the market for a new pool. We are honored that you are checking out Wilkes Pool Corp.ís line of quality pools. Just as no two backyards or homes are the same, lifestyles vary requiring unique solutions to meet the needs of each family.††Maybe this will be your first pool and youíve been surfing the Internet for all kinds of tips and information so you can make an informed choice.† Next to your home this is a major purchase and you are wise to educate yourself. Bottom line is that you need to find a manufacturer, who has been building pools for a long time and will be around to meet your future needs. Choose a company that offers a complete array of either in-ground or on-ground pools to meet your space requirements, your budget and your lifestyle.† Youíll want a pool that is both durable and safe inviting many years of family fun and activity in this new outdoor space that you have created.† Choosing a Wilkes pool will add lasting beauty and tranquility to your landscape not to mention value and a new dimension to your property.† And, because our pools are virtually maintenance-free, youíll have more time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones as you effortlessly pass the time away in you new Wilkes pool.†

Itís a big decision, but your family will love you for making it!